Flagger Program

New, Exciting Changes for CDOT's Flagger Program
( C.R.S. 43-5-308 (2)(b))

The purpose of The Flagger Program is to provide certification to entities throughout Colorado to train individuals to become flaggers. Flaggers are part of the line of defense between the traveling public and individuals working in work zones; they provide safety to all involved parties.

CDOT's Safety and Traffic Engineering branch has been monitoring the program since September 2012. We're thankful for your cooperation as we were able to roll out this program to meet the standard of care we believe exists at CDOT.

The most updated information will be communicated on this page rather than via the links. Please contact us if there are discrepancies, or if this information is unclear.

All persons taking the test, including proctors, must pass with an 85% or better. This is a closed book exam.

CDOT examinations for individuals and proctors are closed book exams only—no exceptions. To qualify as a traffic control supervisor within Colorado, a person must have 2,000 verifiable hours of on-the-job training in the field. This does not have to be solely as a flagger.

Certified entity information is available. Contact the branch as we are updating this document, which will be posted shortly. Please note that this website is updated often and that if there are broken links, they will be updated quickly.

Entities contacting the branch: It is helpful to know the expiration month. This assures we will be able to find your file more quickly.

For Entities


  • Email or mail original application only.
  • First-time applications must be accompanied by the proctor's Flagger or TCS card.
  • All flagger-certifying entities must use this application.
  • Re-apply for certification a minimum of 45 days before the current expiration date.
  • Quality Assurance is due yearly with the three year application. All Quality Assurance Documents are to be mailed. No emails will be accepted.
  • We are working to update the QA documents to a more user friendly format. 


  • All proctors must be certified as flaggers before training an individual.
  • All first-time applications must be accompanied by proof that the proctor has been trained. Without this, the application will not be considered.
  • If your entity has an application on file with CDOT, please complete the Proctor Addition/Deletion Form to highlight changes.
  • To obtain testing materials, your entity must be on file, with current certification.

Contact the branch if you are in need of updated flagger cards. We only use the October 2014 version.

For Individuals & Entities

  •  2012 Flagger Training Manual, updated December 2012. This is a printable PDF version. Bound manuals are no longer avaialble at this time. The state has moved over to a new printing company, and we no longer have the capability to print internally.  As we are notified of changes regarding ordering, we will udate via this webpage.  The PDF version found on this page can be taken to a print company and bound. We are aware of the difficuly this poses to some and greatly apologize. 
  • 2012 Flagger Reference Guide, intended for current certified flaggers on projects (not as training material).
  • We are in the last phase of the video rollout. Please continue to have patience with us as we finalize the updated video.
  • We will begin manual revision Jan 2018. 
  • Please email [email protected] with questions or concerns, or for more information.


Certification cards are the sole property of CDOT, and are not to be duplicated or used as a template. This is grounds for revocation. If your entity is in need of more certification cards, contact the branch via email or phone.

All certification cards issued to flaggers are valid until the noted expiration date on the card—even if the flagger is no longer working with or for the issuing entity. The card is transferable between entities and must be recognized as valid.

Flagger Contacts

Safety & Traffic Engineering Branch
4201 East Arkansas Avenue
3rd Floor
Denver, Colorado 80222
303.757.9219 (Fax)

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