Safe and Effective use of Law Enforcement personnel in Work Zones

This page is intended for Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Police Department Agencies, to access information regarding training and reporting.

This class was mandated by the Federal Highway Administration.

All agencies participating in work zone patrols, need to have taken this class before actually patrolling. A certification card will be issued by CDOT's Safety and Traffic Engineering Branch, upon completion. This is to be kept on your person while patrolling.

If you are trying to determine if a particular person has been trained, or need a replacement card, please contact the branch.  Replacements are not standard and can only be issued to those already on file with CDOT.

New students need to take the "in-class training", available through the agency you work for.  All those who have taken the class previous to 2012 need to either retake the "in-class training" or the re-certification class.  Deadlines will be announced.  If you do not have a trainer, contact the branch. The re-certification website will issue a certificate to the student.  A copy of this certificate needs to be sent to CDOT. CDOT will issue the re-certification card.

The re-certification website is not currently posted, pending review, however once all documentation has been approved within CDOT, this link will be posted for your use. Please contact the branch with questions.

If you are an instructor for your agency, please fill out the Instructor Addition/Deletion form. Mail or email it back to the branch. This form is intended for current and new instructors.  All Agencies are only allowed two instructors, one who is designated to sign the certification cards issued by CDOT.

Please note that not all instructors are "trained" to train other instructors. Some have that training and others can only train new students.

Link to the Agency Contact Information: CSP Troops and Police Departments. This list does not include instructors who are able to train other instructors.

Train the Instructor. This course is intended for those persons who are needing to be certified to train new instructors and students. For example, If your troop or agency is losing a trainer, this course would be required for you to add a second trainer. Contact the branch with questions.

At such time that re-certification is mandated, Instructors can re-certify with the "in-class" training from a designated person who has such credentials.  If an Instructor course becomes available online, it will be posted for your use.  If you are a student needing to re-certify. please use the re-certification link at such time it becomes available.

Classes for new students should be offered at agency discrepancy. Do not offer "in-class" to less than six (6) people attending. If there is more than one agency with less than six people who need the class, accommodations can be made. Please contact the branch.

If you are an instructor and need to order certification cards, please email the branch with date of the class and attendance list. This list should also include your agency information. CDOT will mail the cards to the instructor. The instructor is responsible for signing and issuing.

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