Bicyclist Dilemma Solved With CDOT Help

Jennifer of Golden wrote to CDOT Public Relations on Aug. 15 with a commendation for rather unusual help from CDOT. Jennifer was in the midst of the fourth day of a solo bicycle tour that took her from Golden to Breckenridge, Buena Vista, and Carbondale. She then rode into Glenwood Springs, turned east and entered Glenwood Canyon on the recreation path.

"I entered Glenwood Canyon and rode several miles before coming to a locked gate with a sign that announced, 'Bike Path Closed for Season.' in August? A woman nearby told me about the washout. I had known the path had been underwater during June's runoff, but I was completed unaware that the path was not available to ride all the way through now," she wrote.

She retreated to the Grizzly Creek Rest Area, where she encountered Greg Unzueta (TM-I, Hanging Lake Tunnels, Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3). She explained her situation; Unzueta received permission from his supervisor to give Jennifer and her bicycle a ride to the Hanging Lake Rest Area, past the washout, where she could resume her trip home to Golden. "I don't know the supervisor's name," she wrote. "But these folks were life-savers to me."

Since she knows CDOT cannot provide shuttle rides to bridge the current gap in the bike path, she chose to notify CDOT by letter. "Once again, I very much appreciate the folks at Glenwood Springs going the extra mile for me and I hope you will forward my thanks to them," Jennifer concluded.

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