Father Writes About Help CDOT Provides to his Daughter

On Dec. 7, Rex's college-aged daughter was driving on I-76 in the vicinity of Bromley Lane when she had a flat tire on the left side of her vehicle. Because she was southbound, this put the flat tire next to high speed traffic. She did what she should have done - she called her Dad. He had just pulled up behind her vehicle when a big CDOT truck pulled up behind both of them. Rex wrote:

"I cannot begin to tell you the relief I felt just by having the big CDOT truck wih the flashing yellow lights behind me, considering I was going to be changing her tire right next to traffic," he said, adding that he would have been happy to just have the protection of their truck and the flashing lights. The CDOT employees who got out of the truck were Robert Welpton (TM-II) and Terry Tapparo (TM-I), both with the Region 6 Traffic Section.

"But this is where they went absolutely above and beyond the call of duty. They not only got out of the truck but they insisted on helping change the tire. I was floored at their generosity of time and effort to assist us. In fact, within a matter of a fewminutes they had the spare tire on and then other shredded tire tucked away in the truck so both my daughter I could to be safely on our way," he wrote. "I take great comfort in knowing that if for some reason I would not have been able to assist my daughter in a timely manner, Bob and Terry would have been there to assure she was not left stranded for long."

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