Citizen Appreciates Kindness Shown by CDOT

On Nov. 16, while she was driving south on I-25 in the vicinity of milepost 237, near Firestone, Kathy pulled off to the side of the freeway to make a cell phone call. While she was parked there, well off the traveled portion, a CDOT vehicle pulled up behind her.

"I thought maybe I was going to be arrested," Kathy said with a chuckle. Instead, it was CDOT employee Bill Carmin (TM-I, Patrol 9 at Frederick, Greeley Maintenance Section 1), who wanted only to check to be sure Kathy was okay and that her vehicle had not broken down. Kathy was impressed enough to call CDOT to report the incident.

"He went out of his way to check on me," she said. "Kindness is hard to come by these days, and he cared enough to make sure I was safe. I hope you folks keep hiring people like him."


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