Help During Wolf Creek Pass Snowstorm

Marie of Thornton, CO, was on her way over Wolf Creek Pass on Nov. 5 when she encountered a snowstorm and slippery roads. Anyone who has been caught on that road in similiar conditions can emphathize with her. She wrote:

"I did not have the right tires so I was sliding and couldn't go forward up the hill. I was only a couple of miles from the top." A law enforcement officer arrived and provided assistance. So did two CDOT employees, Marcus Katsos and Tyler Kyffin, both with Patrol 18 at Wolf Creek Pass East, Alamosa Maintenance Section 7, Region 6.

It took some sanding and persistence to get Libby to the summit and on down the other side to her destination. She added, "My point of this letter is to thank the officer who helped me and to thank the guys in the sand trucks, as well. thanks so much for keeping me safe."

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