As He Said - It Was the Thermostat

Mark and Marybeth Eibl of Baltimore, MD, were vacationing in Colorado and happened to be driving back to Denver from Beaver Creek when their truck overheated at the west portal of the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels on July 23.

Mrs. Eibl wrote, "We wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your employee, Bobby Wilson (TM-I, Eisenhower Tunnels Maintenance Section 9, Region 1).  He pulled up behind us to offer his assistance."

When Wilson and Mark Eibl removed the radiator cap after a decent wait, water and coolant sprayed all over the engine.  "Bobby was so sweet and polite," Mrs. Eibl said.  "He offered to hose down the engine for us.  We were so impressed with his kindness.  He went above and beyond to help us."

Wilson suggested that the Eibls have their thermostat checked when they arrived back in Denver.  "He was right, by the way," Mrs. Eibl concluded.  "It was the thermostat."

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