Assistance on I-70 Near Vail

Kathy Blake of Dayton, WA, apologized for being late submitting a kudo sent an e-mail to CDOT on Dec. 7 to report an incident that occurred on Sept. 4, 2012, when she was driving east of Vail on I-70.  She said she originally had the names of the CDOT employees involved in helping her, then misplaced them before finding them again recently.

"Our vehicle broke down and was parked at the side of the road," she said.  "Two CDOT trucks were going in opposite directions when they say us.  They both turned around and came back to help.  They let us use a cell phone to call our roadside assistance and made sure the tow truck was on the way before they left.  They were wonderful and so helpful - they stayed late just to help us.  If not for them we could have been there for hours longer.  They made a bad situation much better due to their kindness."

The kudos go to Mark Rittersdorf (Equipment Operator IV) and Stephen Gunion (TM-I).  Both are affiliated with Patrol 40 at Vail Pass, Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3.

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