British Visitors Helped Along SH 139

Mick Hodd and his wife Elaine, who hail from England, were on holiday in the U.S., driving along SH 139 on Douglas Pass south of Rangely recently when their rental car broke down.  They were on their way from Vernal, UT, to Moab, UT, when the misfortune occurred.

Mick Todd wrote, "We were about 35 miles from Rangely on SH 139, we had no reception on our mobile phone, and we did not know what to do."

He explained, "Then a truck from Colorado Highways pulled into the lay-by ("pullout," perhaps?) to empty the waste bin.  I asked the men if they could help, and help they did!  They got us mobile again, and we continued our journey to Denver without further trouble.  Please, could you pass this e-mail to Gary Denny and Steve Chewning?  We told them that if they visited England, we would show them the same kindness they showed us.  Chewning is TM-II and Denny is TM-I, both with Patrol 37 at Rangely for Craig Maintenance Section 6, Region 3.

Todd added, "Please could you also thank Doug Palmer, their supervisor, for his help?"  Palmer is TM-III for Section 6 patrols at Meeker, Rifle, and Rangely.

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