CDOT Help Quicker Than Roadside Service

F.M. and Lucille Garrett of Lacon, IL, were driving on I-70 near Grand Junction, on their way from Arizona to Illinois for a visit, when they had a flat tire.

The Garretts have an onboard emergency notification system in their vehicle, so they pressed the button and notified the attendant of their situation and location.  Five minutes later, Alan Krambeer (TM-I, Patrol 9 at Parachute) "in his orange truck appeared behind us.  He unloaded our truck, (which of course was full), located the spare tire, changed the tire, put the damaged tire in the wheel well, and reloaded our trunk.  All of this took about thirty minutes."

When Krambeer was done, the Garretts were still waiting for a call back from their emergency roadside service.  They got a replacement tire in Rife and were on their way to Illinois.

"We wanted to pay Alan, but he said he could not take any money nor would he, even if he could.  We wanted someone to know of his kindness and that is why we are writing," the Garretts concluded.

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