CDOT Night Assistance Appreciated

Doug Hoffacker, who works for CBS TV in Denver, recently wrote to CDOT Public Relations Director Stacey Stegman to relate that when his vehicle had an unfortunate run-in with a large mobile construction sign that blew out into the five lanes of I-25 near Washington in Denver.

The incident occurred as high winds blew through the area ahead of an incoming storm at about 10:15 p.m. on Oct. 16.  Hoffacker wrote, "I'd like to thank your employee Thomas Siemek, who works at Region 6, Denver Maintenance Section 8.  He was kind enough after my accident to let me sit in the cab of his truck out of the wind.  I was a bit dazed from the accident, but not hurt.  Only a tiny cut on my finger.  I am very fortunate."

Hoffacker's car was heavily damaged in the accident.  He avoided additional harm from high-speed oncoming traffic thanks to the efforts of Denver Public Schools bus driver Susan Munoz, who saw the incident unfold and was able to stop her bus behind Hoffacker's vehicle, much as CDOT would position an attenuator truck, in one of the center lanes as traffic streamed around them on both sides.

Siemek works for Patrol 91 at Arvada in Section 8's Night Maintenance Section

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