Cell Phone Back to Happy Citizen

On July 15, Judy Miguez of Bellevue, NE, was involved in a rollover accident on I-76 near Sterling.  Her cell phone was lost from the vehicle during the mishap.

Tony Wagoner (TM-II, Patrol 52 at Sterling East) and his co-worker Dennis Dobson went to the scene the following morning upon receiving a report about a damaged sign.  While they were at the location, they found the cell phone.

"We took it back to the shop and happened to have a charger that would work for it," Wagoner recounted.  "I pushed the 'In Case of Emergency' button and her husband answered."  He then mailed the phone back to Miguez.

In return, she wrote, "I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the call regarding my cell phone.  Then to have a total stranger mail it to me is not thought of in our busy society."  She explained that the phone had some family photos that were very important to her.

"You have restored by faith this day," she added.  "What a blessing you are to think of others."

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