Citizen Appreciates Help Along US 40

Bev Archuleta of Hot Sulphur Springs called CDOT Public Relations on May 30 to report that when she had car trouble that morning at about 11:15 a.m. along U.S. 40 as she was returning from Granby, she was assisted by a CDOT employee.

"I had along my groceries and the flowers I was going to plant," she said.  "Then my car overheated."  She had her cell phone with her and called her husband, but in the meantime a CDOT vehicle pulled up and Devin Drayton (EPS Technician III/Project Manager in Permitting for Region 3 Traffic & Safety) asked if he could help.  He looked under the hood, Archuleta reported, and told her that the engine was out of coolant.  It turns out that her vehicle had been in the shop for repairs the week before, and it was clearly have to be going back for more.

Drayton gave Archuleta, her groceries, and her flower plants a ride on home into Hot Sulphur Springs, which was right on his route and only about three miles away.

"I'm very grateful for Devin's help," Archuleta said.  "He was very courteous and professional."

Drayton, contacted by phone as he was nearing Parachute on his way back home to Grand Junction, had been inspecting a CDOT widening project near the Granby hospital.  "This was one of the few times a vehicle has actually been broken down when I've come upon it," he reported.  "I'm glad I was able to help."

Drayton has worked for CDOT for nearly 10 years.

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