Couple Didn't Know Tire had Blowout

Phyllis and Don Overson of Cascade, CO, were driving in southwestern Colorado south of the Ute Mountain Casino and Resort on Sept. 4 when they were flagged down by a CDOT employee and another citizen.

The problem was that the jet ski trailer they were towing behind their motor home had a tire blowout, and they weren't aware of it.  The trailer was going down the road on its rim.

The Oversons wrote, "Your employee Paul Terrazas (TM-II, Patrol 2 at Cortez) and another man flagged us down and informed us of the blowout.  They then changed our tire for us.  They would not accept a gratuity from us in appreciation for their assistance."

Phyllis Overson added, "I am a retired CDOT employee of 17 years and remain a devoted fan.  I would like to thank Mr. Terrazas again and commend him for his role in making CDOT's vehicles a welcome sight on our highways."

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