Couple Pleased With Access Assistance

Steve and Kraskey recently wrote to Richard Solomon (Region 1 Traffic Section) with great feedback about their experience while filing an access application for property they were hoping to purchase in Gilpin County.

""We would like to extend a hearty thank you to CDOT, especially Marilyn Cross (General Processional III/R1 Traffic & Safety Section) for assisting us through our access application.  Marilyn made what could have been a cumbersome, tedious, and frustrating process completely tolerable.  Yes, even enjoyable," the Kraskeys wrote.

"Marilyn is conscientious, detail-oriented, yet also friendly and extremely helpful.  Her guidance and clear representation regarding what was required from us in the application process guided us painlessly through the process.  She diligently kept the ball rolling," they added.  "Without her assistance, and the issuance of a dedicated access point, we would have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to own this particular property.  Marilyn is a true asset to CDOT."

Solomon added his kudos, as well.  "As in many mountain areas, access to a property can be tricky and timing was of the essence," he said.  "I am very proud of Marilyn, who is a new employee and is still on her probation period."

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