Courtesy Patrol Help Impresses Visitor

Paul Pring, who lives at Walpole, MA, was recently on a business trip with two colleagues.  Their travels brought them to Colorado, where they rented a Chevy Tahoe.  They were on their way back to Denver International Airport on June 19 when their vehicle had a flat tire not far from where Pena Blvd. exits to the airport off I-70 in Aurora.

Pring wrote, "It was dangerous with traffic flying by, so after we were struggling wtih the puny jack provided by the rental company, I was delighted to see the CDOT roadside assistance (Courtesy Patrol) tow truck turn up.  The operator, Dallas Jones, was a very nice and courteous man, who rendered assistance using a stout trolley jack and we were all set after 10 minutes.  The rental company was going to charge $50 to come the 15 miles or so from the airport to help.  My sincere thanks to Dallas - I appreciate the humanity he offered and I would rather deal with one Dallas then a hundred of the uncaring guys in the car rental business."

In fact, Pring was impressed enough with Jones that he said even though a colleague of his from California missed her flight due to the flat tire delay, "meeting Dallas more than made up for that."

Jones works for Xtreme Towing, the CDOT Region 6 Courtesy Patrol contractor.

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