Courtesy Patrol Help on I-70 Appreciated

Joanne Scarbeary of Denver e-mailed CDOT on June 21 to report that she and her family were headed on I-70 west of Denver into the mountains for a Sunday hike when their vehicle suddenly died.  "Stranded on the highway with two toddlers, a dog, and no way to even roll down the windows was a very scary experience," Scarbeary recounted.

"A tow truck spotted us before we even had time to call our own tow truck," she continued.  "Roy Eggleston, our knight in a fluorescent green vest, greeted us with a friendly smile, a CDOT badge, and a shiny red tow truck.  After unsuccessful attempts to jump start the car, Roy towed us to the Georgetown visitor center and even helped us get settled with our next tow truck."

She concluded, "Thanks to Roy and CDOT, our little emergency turned into an adventure with a happy ending.  Thanks for the rescue."

Eggleston works for Extreme Towing & Recovery, a contractor providing Courtesy Patrol services for Region 1 on the I-70 mountain corridor.

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