Fairplay Patrols are Hometown Heroes

No matter where you work, it's always a good feeling to know that your customers notice and appreciate your efforts.  Consider this:

When the Brownie Scout troop at Fairplay began taking nominations from the community for their 2012 Hometown Heroes, a program they conduct annually around Girl Scout Cookie time, the verdict was clear:  CDOT patrols keeping the areas highways clear in the winter were heroes in the Fairplay area.

The scouts sought donations in order to present their heroes with boxes of the Girl Scout cookies, which could then be donated on or shared as well as enjoyed.  The honors went to three patrols from two CDOT Regions - Alamosa Maintenance Section 7 Patrol 13, and Aurora Maintenance Section 5 Patrols 31 and 32.

"Our guys were very surprised and thankful," noted Mike Davis, TM-III at Poncha Springs for Alamosa Maintenance Section 7, whose area includes Patrol 13.  Shown in the photo above are the members of Section 7, Patrol 13, from left:  Richard Aragon: Don Millemon (TM-II); Jeff Costin, and Lance Gould.  Jeff Costin has now transferred to the warmer climate at Poncha Springs in the Arkansas valley on Section 7 Patrol 9.  Patrol 13 maintains portions of U.S. 285, SH 9, and U.S. 24 south and southeast of Fairplay.

In the photo below showing the two Aurora Section 5 Patrols, Chad Rutter (Patrol 32) is kneeling at front.  Standing from left are: Tom Ogle (Patrol 32); Chris Sutherland (Patrol 31); Dennis Springer (TM-II, Patrol 31); Kenny Gable (TM-II, Patrol 32); David Gregoire (Patrol 31); Richard Twaddell (Patrol 32); and Bryan Harpin (Patrol 31).  Patrol 31 maintains SH 9 from Fairplay north to the summit of Hoosier Pass.  Patrol 32 has the stretch of U.S. 285 going east from Fairplay over Red Hill and Kenosha passes.

Congratulations to all!

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