Great Work During Snow Storm

Maria, who lives in Littleton, e-mailed CDOT regarding the major snowstorm Feb. 2-4 to say, "I live near Chatfield in Littleton and I want to express my gratitude and thankfulness to your staff (Colorado Department of Transportation) and Denver Public Works for the outstanding job you all did during the Feb. 3 snowstorm in town.  Everywhere I looked, there were snowplows left and right at all hours!  And the roads were phenomenal considering the amount of snow we got (18 inches) in Littleton.

"Please pass it along to all the workers what a fabulous impression you have all left with me.  Good work and I'm glad to  have you in Colorado.  I know I can count on you to make my drive safer!"

She specifically noted C-470, Santa Fe, and Chatfield as routes she traveled during the storm.

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