Help Along I-25 Greatly Appreciated

Jill Penn e-mailed officials at the Loveland area maintenance office for Greeley Maintenance Section 1 on Aug. 1 to say:

"I just wanted you to know that I had an awesome opportunity to meet two of your AMAZING employees.  I got a flat tire just north of Wellington coming home to Golden from a big meeting in Cheyenne."

Thinking immediately that she was dressed in 'girlie work attire' and was a long way from home and any help her husband could provide, she instead called her roadside assistance service and was put on hold 'for an estimated 16 minutes.'  Then a CDOT orange truck pulled up and Blade Phillips and Jon Anderson, both TMs-I with Patrol 18 at Wellington, came to the rescue.  Penn called them "the nicest, most caring guys ever!"

They helped her figure out the car's jack and spare, and then, discovering that her Volvo jack was bent, Anderson went back to the Wellington shop to get 'a real jack.'  "They got my spare on and realized it was really low in air.  They followed me me on the shoulder to the next exit and proceeded to take care of making sure I had enough air int he spare, and all the rest.  Blade even put in the four quarters for the air," Penn reported.

"After a very difficult week with the Aurora theater shootings, this was a true reminder that there are so many good people out there.  I am SO grateful for the time they took to get me safely back on the road.  I commend them both for their compassion and professionalism.  Thanks for having amazing guys like that on the road to keep Colorado the special place it has been my whole life."

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