Help When Citizen Car Disabled on I-76

Patricia Fair from Brighton called CDOT on June 13 to report help she had received from a CDOT Region 4 Traffic Section employee on June 11 as she was traveling I-76 in northeastern Colorado.

She reported that she was in the vicinity of the Atwood exit, about 10 miles southwest of Sterling, when a semi-truck that was passing her threw a "huge tread off his tire that hit the front of my car and demolished it."  After she made a cell phone call to her husband, she even attempted to retrieve the tread from the middle of the freeway so no one else would hit it when a CDOT truck, going the other direction, turned around and came back to her.

"Your employee Mike Parachini (TM-I, Region 4 Traffic Section) checked under my vehicle and agreed that it couldn't be driven any further," Fair reported.  Parachini even talked with Fair's insurance company representative to explain the damage he could see to her vehicle.  She then waited in his truck until help arrived.

"I wanted to make sure CDOT knows that great employees you have and how much I appreciated Mike's help," Fair said.

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