Help With Flat Tire Near Hayden

Good news traveled fast on April 9.

Barely an hour after three CDOT employees stopped along U.S. 40 westbound west of Hayden to help a motorist with a flat tire at about 1:30 p.m., the motorist, Julie Steinmetz of Murray, UT, called CDOT Public Relations to explain what happened and how happy she was for their help.  But she went even a step further; she e-mailed in a photo of the three that she took just as she was ready to get back on the highway toward home.

The employees who helped are, Clayton Richards; Billy McDermott (TM-II); and Lynn Powell, all with Patrol 8 at Hayden for Craig Maintenance Section 6, Region 3.

"I had a bad flat tire," Steinmetz explained.  "Those guys saw me and turned around to come back and help me.  They were awesome gentlemen.  They were great."

McDermott said he and his co-workers enjoyed meeting Steinmetz and her dog named Otis, pictured in a kennel in the rear of the vehicle between McDermott and Powell, and helping Steinmetz out.  "We stop to help folks along the road quite often," he said.  "Maybe more in winter because of all the commuters going from Craig into Steamboat."

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