Help With Problem in Glenwood Canyon

Amy Lineberry of Littleton and five of her friends were driving in a rental minivan en-route to a wine tasting festival in western Colorado on Sept. 14 when they had a tire blowout on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon.  The location was on a downgrade and at a slight curve.  "There was a shoulder, but it wasn't very wide," noted Lineberry.

To make matters worse, she and her traveling companions had no idea where the spare tire was located, and the van contained no owner's manual.  "We couldn't find any tools for changing the tire, either," Lineberry recounted.  They got on the phone with the rental company, but received no help.  Just when they thought they were running out of options, a big orange CDOT truck pulled up behind them, safely moving oncoming traffic over and away from them.

The CDOT employee was Jud Gurley, who works at Hanging Lake Tunnels for Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3.  He immediately suggested that they contact an area dealer who sells that brand of vans to get help figuring out where the spare tire was.  When that information was available, he used tools he carries on his CDOT vehicle to get the spare tire located and put on the van.

"Then he followed us all the way into Glenwood Springs, because we were driving on one of those small temporary spares," Lineberry said.  "By then, we'd had it with that van.  We switched to another rental vehicle and went on to the wine festival."  She said she believes Gurley saved their trip, because he was there to help when they couldn't get anyone else to respond.

"He calmed us down," Lineberry said.  "We were literally damsels in distress at that time.  What a nice guy, and what great work he did to help us."

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