Help With Vehicle Trouble at Tunnels

Lillian Paton and Judy Rumbolt, both Canadians, were traveling through Colorado for the first time on May 9.  They had parked for the night not too far from the Eisenhower Tunnels and awakened the next day to find the temperature at a crisp 29 degrees.

They drove on to the tunnels, but their 30-foot RV was acting a bit strange, so they pulled off at the east portal.  Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels Section 9 employee Lance Stringer approached the vehicle to see if help was needed, which it was.  Both women said they were concerned about the elevation and that "our engine was acting up a bit.  Lance was very informative and mechanically knew that we needed to do a practice run before driving on through the tunnels.  He was professional, friendly, and greatly eased our hesitations concerning overall engine requirements, brakes, etc.  He is an asset to your team."

The Canadians added their hope that if Stringer was ever traveling in Canada and experienced the same type of trouble, he "would be met with the same attitude from our department workers in Canada."

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