Helping Motorist Stranded Along I-70

Sarasue, who lives in the Denver area, e-mailed CDOT on Jan. 8 to report that her daughter, who was driving east on I-70 at about midnight on Jan. 8, on her way back to nursing school in Oklahoma, slid off the roadway near Limon in the midst of a snowstorm.  As often happens, a CDOT employee helped her out.  She wrote,

"My daughter called me to say that a CDOT employee had stopped to help her.  He noticed her car was in drive (clearly she was emotional), which is why her car wouldn't start.  He helped her out of the grassy area and helped her move the car to the access road so she wouldn't be hit by another car if they slid."

The daughter had called a towing service and told the CDOT employee, Wayne Brown (TM-III, Aurora Maintenance Section 5 East Maintenance Area, Region 1), that help was on the way.  "He left, but he did come back and check up on her as help was arriving on the scene," Sarasue added.  "I so appreciated his assistance and wanted him to be acknowledged for his help."

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