Iowan Appreciates Roadside Assistance

y VanPatter, Dennis last modified Jan 18, 2012 02:38 PM

Rhea of Iowa was driving along I-76 on her way back to Iowa after spending Christmas in Colorado with her daughter when she had a flat tire.  She said she had waited for over an hour for a towing service when a CDOT truck pulled up.  She wrote,

"Your guys changed my tire and directed me on to where I could get the flat tire repaired.  They couldn't have been any more helpful, courteous, and friendly.  They turned what could have been a very bad experience into a good one.  It is great knowing people like Doug Rodman and Bill Daigle are out there and willing to give a hand when they could have just driven on by."

Rodman and Daigle are TM-Is on Patrol 23 at Hudson for Greeley Maintenance Section 1, Region 4.

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