Kind Words for US 285/Shaffer's Crossing

Bill Hudick, Executive Vice President of Hudick Excavating, Inc., of Castle Rock, wrote recently to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to say kind things about personnel and work on the U.S. 285/Shaffer's Crossing project in the foothills southwest of Denver.  Hudick's company was a subcontractor on the project.

In part, he wrote, "The project was led by Region 1 Resident Engineer Steve Harelson; project engineer Martin Herbaugh (who retired from R1 during the project) and water quality manager Mike Doyle."  Hudick also cited assistant project engineer Dennis Murphy (former CDOT employee, now with SEH Engineering) and Ben Arndt (Yeh & Associates).  Hudick said that the project had various challenges, including average traffic volumes of 20,000 or more per day.  Soil beneath the project site ranged from "mucky on one end" to "a 120-foot rock cut at the other."  The project included a new grade separated interchange, multiple load-bearing retaining walls up to 50 feet high, a wildlife crossing tunnel, and acceleration and deceleration lanes requiring rock cuts of over 100 feet.

Hudick also noted various safety challenges that were addressed by CDOT project personnel's "willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of the working women and men on the site both through their constant work area presence as well as their willingness to help muster other safety resources to bear on the situation."  He called their support of safety issue mitigation "appreciated by all in a way that words cannot express adequately."

Hudick, who says he began his company when diesel fuel cost 17 cents per gallon, noted that his company has worked with nearly every defense, federal, state, or local entity imagination, as well as many national and international corporation.  "I am convinced that CDOT's Steve Harelson is easily the best of that caliber and those mentioned earlier are in the same class.  There was not a bad egg anywhere in the field," he concluded.

CDOT employee Matt Fink stepped in when Martin Herbaugh retired and completed the project.

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