Kudos for Help in Scary Situation

Christina, who lives in the Denver area, called the Denver Maintenance Section 8 office on Oct. 24 to say thanks for the help two Section 8 employees, Thomas Siemek and Marcus Maes, both with Patrol 91 at Arvada in the Night Maintenance Area, provided when she broke down and became stranded on the westbound U.S. 6/Sixth Avenue Freeway at Federal in Denver.

She explained that she was so relieved to see Siemek and Maes because earlier vehicles, and their occupants, that had stopped were frightening to her.  "The last truck that stopped was decorated with fake body parts," she said.  That vehicle drove off when the CDOT truck arrived.  She theorized that some of the scary people may have been due to the Halloween season.

The citizen said she was 'really surprised and extremely thankful, not only because they stopped, but because they stayed with her until her husband arrived.'  She added, "They made me feel safe."

In that kind of situation, at that location on the busy freeway, there may be no better feeling at all.

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