Kudos for I-25/Alameda Project in Denver

Bob Strain of Centennial called CDOT Public Relations to report that when he drove on the new traffic alignment of I-25 northbound in the vicinity of the Alameda Bridge on June 20, it was a revelation to him.

"Big pat on the back for that area around Alameda and Santa Fe," he said.  "I-25 looks great and drives great.  Way to go!"

Many improvements have been made and are currently underway in that area.  Region 6 Project Engineer Terrie McKinney reports that the project she has led for over two years, and is wrapping up now, achieved several objectives, including a huge 16' by 7' triple cell box culver to remove historical flooding incidences in the area, including a pumping station.  Utilities were relocated and then, in the most obvious and apparent part of the project, the Alameda Avenue bridge over I-25 was demolished and replaced.  Along the way, the number of travel lanes on I-25, and that's what Strain noticed as he drove the area.  The Alameda bridge is much wider and more pedestrian-friendly, as well.

The project was funded by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

CDOT Region 6 Project leaders in addition to McKinney were Art Negretti (Design Project Engineer); Zach Miller; Doug Liane; Charles Arellano; Brittney O'Neill; Jesse Trujillo; and Rick Fleming (all inspectors); and Raymie Partington (Head Tester) and Michael Kucey (Tester).  Consultant assistance was provided by Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig; Hartwig & Associates; Mueller Engineering; Ground Engineering; the City & County of Denver; Geocal, Inc., and Yeh & Associates.

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