Kudos for I-70 Workers Near EJMT

Larry, who drives for United Parcel Service (UPS), called CDOT on March 1 to say:

"I just want to thank CDOT Region 1 maintenance employees at the Eisenhower Tunnels and leading up to the tunnels westbound on I-70 for being kind and the most courteous, thoughtful, and hardworking employees.  Those guys are great.  They are dealing with impossible conditions and impossible drivers but all of the heavy equipment operators and snowplow drivers have done nothing but be respectful.

"I noticed one of your snow plow drivers lift up the blade and turn off the deicer when passing a trucker chaining up.  I also noticed on several occasions your employees helping stranded drivers and take extra precautions to be safe."

He added, "I see CDOT pushing a lot of snow and I understand the effort that goes into those jobs.  I drive that area every day, and I want to thank all CDOT employees for doing a great job."

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