Kudos for Red Mtn. Pass Maintenance

Recently, TV Station KJCT in Grand Junction ran a feature story about maintenance work on Red Mountain Pass, U.S. 550 between Ouray and Silverton.

In response, a blogger using the online name of Hippyboy noted, "I drove Red Mountain Pass for 25 winters. I had some hair raising experience including being caught in a snow slide, and seeing a truck driver from Louisiana abandon his truck on Silverton's main street. I have also driven all the other Colorado mountain passes in the winter and I can tell you no mountain pass is better maintained. The people who keep this road open during the winter are dedicated and serious about their work. As dangerous as the task is they are well prepared and have good equipment. When the snow starts to fall they come out in force. I commend the job the Red Mountain crew does. And I am a very hard man to please."

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