Motorcyclist Appreciates I-76 Upgrades

David Morrow e-mailed CDOT on July 28 to say thanks for improvements made to I-76 in Denver.  He wrote:

"Would like to thank CDOT for road work in my area!  I drive I-76 all the time and is one of my main travel routes.  The recent road work for WB I-76 from I-25 to Pecos is nice.  That stretch on both sides of the highway was a roller coaster ride and with some work WB is not that bad.  Hopefully funds are available to repair EB I-76.  Also a thank you for work at EB I-76 just past 96th Ave.  There used to be asphalt that had buckled to the concrete creating a bump which was pretty bad.  Thank you for grinding it back down so I don't fly off my motorcycle when I travel."

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