Motorist Appreciates Canyon Help

Wesley Carr, whose rig (black pickup truck and the trailer with motorcycles) is pictured above, sent postings to CDOT's Facebook page with details of what happened when he was westbound on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon on Monday, Oct. 15:

"We broke down in the west-bound lanes around a blind corner, on the bridge over the river just before you enter the tunnels!  We tried 911 but cell phone service was poor and could not communicate with 911. Traffic was heavy and FAST and we were partially in the right lane.

"I could not get out of my truck due to safety concerns and my children were terrified.  Lucky for us, the canyon is monitored by cameras and your staff noticed us in distress . . . . they closed the lane we were in via electronic signs and sent a emergency sign truck to help slow traffic behind us. They brought a CDOT flatbed truck to haul my truck to safety and used the sign truck to tow our trailer as well.  It all happened fast and efficient and we are very grateful!  Thank you to both employees, who were professional and courteous!"

The motorist and his family were assisted by Paul Trujillo and Anthony Sours, both members of the Hanging Lake Tunnels "B" Crew for Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2, Region 3.

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