Out of Gas at I-70 & I-25 in Denver

Jerry Jay, who lives in the Denver area, called CDOT Denver Maintenance Section 8, Region 6, on Dec. 5 to report an incident that happened the night before when his vehicle ran out of gas at about 10 p.m. near the intersection of I-25 and I-70, an area that always has significant traffic no matter the time of day.

He reported that a CDOT truck spotted him, then turned around and came back to provide protection and coverage for his vehicle, as well as helping him get his car safely off the roadway and onto the shoulder.  Then the employees drove him to a gas station to get gas and brought him back to his car.  He said that he is very grateful for the assistance.

The kudos go to Jack Manley, Rick Smith, and Pat Ortega, all with Patrol 11 at Thornton, one of several patrols in the King/Night Maintenance Area for Section 8.

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