Quick Response Impresses Postal Employee

Lori, who works for the U.S. Postal Service, recently e-mailed CDOT to see if there was anything that could be done about snow and ice conditions along Highway 67 west of Sedalia.  Later, she said, "I was thinking I would get an e-mail or phone call if any response at all."

She was therefore surprised when Tino Trujillo, TM-III at Castle Rock for Aurora Maintenance Section 5, Region 1, stopped by to see her within 48 hours.

It turns out that the section of roadway Bannister was concerned about is west of where SH 67 ends at Rampart Range Road.  Trujillo helped her understand the maintenance situation there and who she should contact at the county level to get resolution about road conditions that she said were making mail delivery difficult.

"That's not in our maintenance area," Trujillo reported.  "It helped her to know who was responsible for snow plowing in that area.  Hopefully she can work with the county to get those issues resolved."

Bannister said, "It was pretty great service to have Tino stop by to address the issues."

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