Resurfacing Draws Kudo From New Coloradan

Irene Merrin e-mailed CDOT on June 13 to say positive things about the U.S. 50 resurfacing project underway in the vicinity of Whitewater, about 10 miles southeast of Grand Junction.  She wrote, "I have observed the repaving on U.S. 50 in the Whitewater area and I would like to say that your group is going a great job!  I moved here to Colorado from Wisconsin over a year ago and I must admit, you all do a great job in keeping the roads in good shape.  I must say, you have it together in your process of removing asphalt, sweeping the area, and laying down new asphalt.  Very nicely done, efficient use of time.  Great Job!"

Region 3 Grand Junction Resident Engineer Jason Smith reported that the project is a two-inch mill & fill, with a two-inch overlay.  There were actually two sections of the project; the first portion, closer to Delta, consisted of spot leveling of the roadway.  The section Merrin commented on is a six-mile resurfacing.

The project engineer for Region 3 is Victor Pennington (EPS Technician III); Howard Boff (EPS Technician II) is the lead inspector.  Kevin Deschamp (Engineer-In-Training I) designed the project and is also serving as an inspector.  APC Southern of Golden is the prime contractor.

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