Return of Cell Phone Pleases Coloradan

Kelly Rieth called CDOT Region 4 Transportation Director Johnny Olson to explain to him that she had her cell phone back because of the efforts of CDOT employees, and that she was very appreciative of the help.  Here is what happened:

Rieth and her boyfriend lost her cell phone, which was on the top of her vehicle, along I-25.  They were out walking along the freeway searching for the phone when CDOT employee Jeff Williams (TM-I, Patrol 4 at Ft. Collins, Greeley Maintenance Section 1, Region 4) spotted them.  He immediately "pulled my truck up behind them and got some lights on to protect them," he reported.

He suggested to them that it would be much safer for he and his co-worker(s) to search for the phone along the busy interstate instead of them, and Rieth was satisfied with that idea.  Williams went back to his patrol shed, picked up his co-worker Bill Heidenreich, and they went back to the scene along I-25.  "We spotted the phone almost immediately," Williams said.  He already knew how to contact Rieth, so getting the phone back to her was a simple matter.

Williams, who has worked for CDOT just under 18 months, said, "You never know what the road is going to provide."  Most recently, he found an entire desktop computer setup strewn along the road.  Tools, couches, and chairs are frequently found.  "We gather it all up," he said.  "When we can identify the owners, we get it back to them."

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