Return of Checkbook Draws Kudo

Losing a checkbook is never good.  But if you lose it along a state or federal highway and CDOT employees find it, changes are very good that you will get it back intact.

That's what happened with TM-II Kris Winton (Patrol 13 at Golden, Denver Maintenance Section 8, Region 6), who was driving along the Sixth Avenue Freeway near Union/Simms recently when he spotted a checkbook alongside the freeway.  When asked how he might have spotted such a small item on the ground along the road where the speed limit is 65 mph, he just chucked.  "We all get used to looking for things along the road," he said.  "This was the latest thing we found, but this summer we found a bunch of wallets and cell phones.  Nearly everybody says they put them on the top of their vehicle and then forgot they were there."

Winton's patrol co-workers Linda Cantara and Clay Seymore returned the checkbook to the Denison Elementary School Parent Teacher Association.  "Checkbooks are easy because the identification is right there," Winton noted.  "Sometimes wallets and cell phones can be a bit more difficult.

The CDOT employees' courtesy drew a phone call kudo from Lanier Johnson of the Denison PTA.  "It was nice of your employees to take the time to return the checkbook to the school," Johnson said.  "They went way above and beyond the call of duty."

Section 8 called the incident "an example of displaying our CDOT Values in a very positive way."

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