Road Striping Help Appreciated

Mike, a citizen and blogger in the Arkansas River Valley area, recently wrote to CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt to report that when he e-mailed CDOT to raise concerns about highway striping along U.S. 50 in eastern Pueblo County, he received a prompt reply from Ajin Hu, CDOT Region 2 Traffic and Safety.  Further, he noted that when he and his wife drove to Pueblo recently, they noticed that temporary striping they said Hu had promised had been put in place.

"The road surface limits are much easier to see at night," Steeves wrote.  He also said he was much more comfortable when meeting oncoming traffic at night now that the striping was so much easier to see.  He also thanked Hu for updating him on upcoming CDOT projects that will install rumble strips and reinstall epoxy striping in the area and will overlay the pavement.

He concluded, "We really appreciate the way Ajin Hu handled this and got things moving.  We'd appreciate it if you could find time to let her know of our appreciation.  A good word from the boss is always nice, don't you agree?"

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