Snow Removal Compliments Roll In

Despite the hopes of our Executive Director, Don Hunt, in his holiday greetings to all employees, another snowstorm arrived in Colorado on Christmas Eve day and night.  As a result, all across Colorado, CDOT's maintenance professionals were out on the road plowing snow and keeping travelers moving to their holiday destinations.

This all caught the attention of scores of motorists, who utilized CDOT's Facebook to send in their thanks and appreciation for all the hard work.  Here are some examples:

From Cheresa - "Much love goes out to CDOT tonight.  Our whirlwind trip from Aurora to Durango and back started yesterday morning and we're almost home again.  Snow plows operated by your dedicated drivers are out in force, and the worst road hazards we've experience so far were the four or so herds of deer south of Pagosa Springs.  Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for helping us get home safety!  Merry Christmas to you all!"

From Jeff (Dec. 24) - "Good job, folks, Merry Christmas.  Thanks for making us safer.  We do appreciate it."

From Crystal (Dec. 24) - "If it wasn't for you folks doing your job, my husband and his fellow truckers would be sitting still.  Stay warm and safe out there and merry Christmas to all of you and yours!"

From Michelle (Dec. 24) - "And thanks to all of your families, too.  I have worked in the municipal field - the general public seems to forget that it's tough on the kids sometimes to see their parents go to work, instead of being with them."

From Vickie (Dec. 24) - "Yes, THANK YOU ALL, and Ho Ho Ho!"

Things really got rolling on the site at around 10 p.m., with dozens of likes and comments streaming in.

From Sharlene (Dec. 24), wife of CDOT employee Preston Nusser (Patrol 19 at Nucla, Durango Maintenance Section 3, Region 5.  Even the stunning lower-elevation canyon country south and west of Grand Junction wasn't spared the storm. - "My husband is a CDOT employees; he's working tonight keeping the roads safe for the traveling public!  I took our CDOT workers for granted until he became one . . . and I realized just what a sacrifice they make for us.  Next time you see one of these guys/gals in orange - don't forget to say THANK YOU! because they reall do a lot for us.  THANK YOU CDOT and thank-you to my honey!"

From Chari (Dec. 24) - "Thank you for working so hard."

From Lee (Dec. 24) - "God bless and much thanks as always!"

From Bex (Dec. 25) - Thank you for keeping the roads safe!  Happy holidays!"

KRDO NewsChannel 13 in Colorado Springs then posted - "CDOT is working hard tonight!  "Like" this status if you appreciate all they do.  Thanks CDOT!"  Rather quickly, more than 1,000 likes came rolling in.

From Diane (Dec. 24) - "Thank you for all your hard work so I can go see my grandchildren in the morning."

From Brandy (Dec. 24) - "Thank you!!! Especially working hard on Christmas Eve into Christmas day."

From Gail (Dec. 24) - "To a much under-appreciated group of men and women . . . many thanks for all you do and the sacrifices."

From Colorado Transportation Commission Chairman Steve Parker of Durango - "Thank you drivers.  You are the best!"

The above listing is just a sampling.  In case you may be feeling under-appreciated and overlooked, log onto the CDOT Facebook page by clicking here.  Take a look at dozens and dozens of kudos.

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