Tree Trimming Crew Commended

Steven Traylor, who works with the Forestry Division for Denver Parks & Recreation, recently wrote to Randy Richards, LCT Ops I for the Lincoln Area/Landscaping for Denver Maintenance Section 8, Region 6, to commend four CDOT employees who responded to a sightline problem near 48th & Bryant, along the I-70 right of way.

Traylor wrote, "I received a call from a concerned citizen about the obstruction along southbound Bryan St."  Some trees had grown out and were obstructing views; even some local citizens had attempted to cut them back.

Traylor contacted Larry Reed, TM-II for one of the Lincoln Area patrols.  Reed and his co-workers Bob Petras, Bob Gaul, and Chuck States made quick work of the obstruction.

That prompted a grateful call from the original citizen, who incorrectly assumed that the work had been done by the City of Denver crews.  "I let him know that I was just the messenger and that it was the CDOT crew that had done such prompt and thorough work in that area," Traylor said.  He concluded, "I want to thank Mr. Reed and his group for their fine work and intergovernmental cooperation."

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