Boulder Deputy Appreciates CDOT Help

Boulder County Sheriff's Department Deputy Joe Menger recently wrote to Tim Miles, Greeley Maintenance Section 1 Superintendent, and to Phillip Anderle, Section 1 Deputy Superintendent, with a general thank you to CDOT employees in the area he patrols, and an example of the kind of cooperation he receives from CDOT.

Deputy Menger patrols about 30 miles of the Peak to Peak Highway from Meeker Park on the north to the Coal Creek Canyon turnoff three miles south of Nederland on the south, plus the canyon roads descending into Lyons and Boulder.

He wrote, "I work the same areas as your crews from Patrol 8 at Lyons, Patrol 7 at Estes Park, and Patrol 12 at Nederland.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the job your guys do, especially when I call them out for a certain road hazard.  I often stop and talk with them and they with me.  We assist each other, especially since we are a long ways from assistance sometimes, and I have a good working relationship with them."

Deputy Menger noted that a particular trouble spot in his area is the Boulder Canyon highway, where steep grades and heavy traffic often mean problems in the winter months.  He gave a specific example:

"This particular incident occurred in the 'narrows' of Boulder Canyon in February and I would like to address the assistance given by one of your employees from Patrol 12 at Nederland, Ken Clark," the Deputy wrote.  "On this day, it turned out to be a semi-truck with a light load en-route to the grocery store in Nederland that got stuck.  Upon my arrival, I found traffic in both directions backed up a mile or so.  In speaking with the truck driver and asking him why he was not chained up, he said he did not know how to apply the chains.  He said he was from Texas and they do not teach them to chain up nor require it."

Clark was plowing in the canyon at the time and was backed up in the traffic queue along with everyone else.

"Ken offered to assist the driver to chain up to get the canyon open.  As I directed one-way traffic around the semi, Ken assisted the driver in chaining up.  Once the semi was chained, I stopped traffic so Ken could get in front of the semi to sand and plow in front of him to get him moving and out of the canyon," Deputy Menger wrote.  "I really appreciated Ken's assistance that day and we worked well as a team."

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