CDOT Assist for Officers Appreciated

On April 27, a single vehicle fatal accident occurred at the southbound I-25/E-470 ramp in the southeastern part of the Denver metro area.  Responding officers from the Lone Tree Police Department determined that the E-470 ramp would have to be closed down so that responders could get to the scene safely.

Sgt. Scott Cavenah of the Lone Tree PD wrote, "They first blocked off the E-470 onramp with police cars and fire trucks.  While that was being done, two CDOT employees arrived on scene to assist.  They utilized the trucks they were driving to block off the ramp.  These two employees were Tony Helfer and Terry Filtis (Denver Maintenance Section 8 Debris Removal Crew, Region 6).  They were able to block off the necessary lanes of traffic so that responding rescuers could work safely and effectively.  With their assistance, we were able to complete our investigation without the fear of being hit on the highway."

Sgt. Cavenah noted that Lone Tree PD is a relatively small agency, with only three or four officers working at any given time.  He added, "We see our share of serious and fatal accidents on our short stretch of highway and it is nice to have the support of CDOT and its employees to help us out from time to time.  I wanted to specifically thank these two employees at CDOT for their assistance and time."

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