CDOT Helps at Crime/Chase Scene

Sometimes, the types of criminal activity and chase events commonly seen on television occur in real life.  That's what happened in Commerce City and Denver on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013.

Denver Police were dispatched to assist Commerce City Police with a situation that arose at a truck stop north of I-70 on Quebec St.  Commerce City Police attempted to stop the suspect, who was exiting the truck stop area, and a chase ensued.  The fleeing driver attempted to get onto I-70 westbound at Quebec, but lost control of the vehicle, struck the guardrail, and came to a stop.  Debris from the front end of the vehicle was strewn across two lanes of the westbound freeway.

To heighten the drama, the suspect exited the vehicle, ran across all the lanes of eastbound I-70, and was ultimately tazed before being taken in custody.  The suspect attempted to flee despite having suffered a head injury in the crash.

The most immediate need, then, was for traffic control on I-70.  Denver Police Sergeant Jurgen Mohr wrote, "Denver Police officers attempted to both both the #1 and #2 lanes of westbound traffic in order to contain the accident scene for responding investigators.  At that point, two of your Region 6, Denver Maintenance Section 8 debris crew drivers arrived and began to block the two westbound lanes for us."

Eventually, the eastbound I-70 lanes were completely closed for about an hour, with traffic being diverted off the freeway, then back on.  "With the aid of Robert Lucero and Anthony Helfer, we were able to keep traffic moving until our investigators arrived.  The CDOT vehicles were of immeasurable help to us," Sgt. Mohr added.

Robert Lucero works for Patrol 9 at Morrison during his regular shifts, and Helfer is assigned to the landscaping crew for Section 8.  Both responded to this incident because they were on debris removal duty on that Sunday.

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