CDOT Helps in Snowmobile Incident

Candy Palazzo of the Denver area e-mailed Colorado Transportation Commissioner Kathy Connell of Steamboat Springs to report that she had been helped by a CDOT employee during an incident that occurred along U.S. 40 on Berthoud Pass on Saturday, Jan. 5.

Palazzo reported that a vehicle near hers at a switchback corner lost its trailered snowmobile, which flew off, hit the Palazzo vehicle, and landed well behind it in the roadway.  The impact spun Palazzo's vehicle around in the roadway.

"We were all fine but were shook up," Palazzo reported.  "An employee with CDOT stopped his snowplow and totally helped us out and managed the situation until the state patrol arrived.  He was very kind and helpful and he made me feel so calm about everything.  I just wanted to let someone know about that."

Helping in in this situation was Dan Enright (TM-I), Patrol 39 at Berthoud Pass West for Aurora Maintenance Section 5, Region 1.  Patrol 39 is responsible for maintaining U.S. 40 from the summit of Berthoud Pass northward down past Mary Jane and on into Winter Park.

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