Clear Roads Important for Local Family

Lyn McCarter, who lives in Centennial, e-mailed CDOT on Feb. 25 to say that clear, passable roads meant a lot to her on Feb. 24 when a major snowstorm hit the Denver area.  Local authorities were advising avoiding travel, but sometimes that isn't possible, as McCarter explained.

"Normally, I would never drive in the weather like we had on Sunday, but my daughter has cancer and she had a fever.  The doctor said she needed to go to the hospital for medication and a transfusion.  I was able to drive her to Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital and, later, home again safely.  The roads were passable because of the great job you guys all did.  I wanted you to know that I appreciate it," she wrote.  "Being able to get her to the hospital meant keeper her as healthy as we can during her treatments.  It was so important - so thank you!"

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