Courtesy Patrol Help Appreciated

Beth Slater, who works with The Aspen Institute, recently e-mailed Scott Hoftiezer, Region 1 Traffic & Safety Section, to say thanks for the help she received along I-70 on March 3 in the midst of a snowstorm.

She wrote, "I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your Courtesy Patrol and the work they do every day.  I would not have made it to Denver on Sunday, March 3, if it weren't for the help of Roy Eggleston.  He was stationed near the tunnels, just past Silverthorne.  Many thanks again for his competence, friendliness, and efficiency.  This program is an excellent use of tax dollars, and I will remember this the next time that I'm voting on a CDOT initiative, etc.  Please pass this feedback on to Roy.  I was blown away by how above and beyond he went to ensure my safe passage to Denver."

Eggleston works for Extreme Towing, a CDOT contractor providing courtesy response and towing services both in the Denver metro area, where the service operates during rush hours on weekdays, and on the I-70 west mountain corridor, where it operates on weekends and holidays during the winter and summer seasons.

Hoftiezer coordinates the Courtesy Patrol and Heavy Tow programs along I-70 west mountain corridor for Region 1.

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