Getting Visitors Through the Storm

Kurt Woolfork, who farmed and ranched for many years in extreme eastern Colorado and has recently moved to Minneapolis, MN, and his wife needed to return to Colorado and on to Tribune, KS, to attend a funeral on Saturday, March 9.  They needed to head back to Denver to catch a flight back home to Minnesota that same day, but a major snowstorm threatened their plans.

They drove west along SH 96 into Colorado, through Eads and Ordway, then on to Pueblo before turning north onto I-25.

"It meant a lot to us to see all that equipment out there running and keeping the roads open," he said.  "I really want to thank that group of plows and all the individuals who were working so hard."

He added that because of the hard work he and his wife saw going on all along their route to Denver, they were able to get to Denver International Airport and catch their flight as scheduled.

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