Help at Tunnels Appreciated

Richard Munden, a detective in the Routt County Sheriff's Office, e-mailed CDOT on Sept. 16 to say thanks for help he and a fellow county employee received when their vehicle broke down at the east portal of the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnels on I-70 west of Denver on what was, for the, and unlucky Friday, Sept. 13.  He wrote:

"We were on our way back from Castle Rock when our vehicle broke down.  We had just made arrangement to have someone from Steamboat Springs come to get us and town the vehicle back when John Wheatley (TM-II for the Tunnels "F" Crew) pulled up in his CDOT truck.  He was very professional and provided us with plenty of help.  Lee Hewitt (TM-I) also showed up to help us.  These two individuals went above and beyond to help us and get us down the road."

Wheatley and Hewitt work for Eisenhower Tunnels Maintenance Section 9, Region 1.

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