Help on Monarch Pass Appreciated

Dennis and Kathleen Sigl of Morrison, in the Denver area, were traveling from Gunnison to Poncha Springs on U.S. 50 on the afternoon of June 27 when trouble occurred.

Dennis Sigl wrote, "As we began climbing Monarch Pass, our car began to overheat quite badly and actually shut down, so we pulled off on the side of the road to let the engine cool.  Fortunately, I had taken some antifreeze and a gallon of water along just in case.  When the car cooled and I replenished the water and antifreeze in the radiator, we once again tried to negotiate Monarch Pass."  The overheating happened twice more, and during one of the times they were stopped alongside the highway, a CDOT truck happened by.

"Your employees stayed with us until the car cooled and then followed us up the pass to assure us that they would be there to help if it continued to overheat.  Again we attempted to reach the summit, but after a mile or so, the car overheated.  They stopped again and waited with us until the car cooled enough to try to reach the summit again," Sigl wrote.

This time, they made it to the 11,312' summit of the pass, where they stocked up on more water and antifreeze at the general store there, then headed downhill toward Poncha Springs and ultimately on up U.S. 285 and home to Morrison.

Mr. Sigl concluded, "Thanks to your courteous crew, we were able to make it on to Morrison, our home, and finally to the repair shop to fix the problem.  My wife and I want to offer our thanks to each of them and sincerely hope that somehow, within your organization, you can recognize them for a job well done!"

Helping the Sigls out that day were Darryl Wilson (TM-II) and Joe Rowles, both with Patrol 11 at Sargents/Monarch Pass West, for Alamosa Maintenance Section 7, Region 5.

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